Saturday, November 20, 2010

All Things Work Together

I last wrote on the seventeenth about how I was learning to trust God more and more to leave my school, tests and everything else in His hands. It was a great reminder to myself the next day.

I had to register for my classes Wednesday. Being in class when my registration time started, the internet working way to slowly, and being on the last section of those in line to register (because I have only a few credits so far) made for a little bit of stress. All my classes were full with huge waiting lists, so I just started clicking on random classes trying to see if I could find some kind of class with spots available. I kept giving it over to the Lord, and in the end, I found a math class that was open. That was the most important thing! I am also on very small wait lists for a communications class and a English class, so hopefully I will get into one of those. I won't be able to get started on the sciences for the nursing prerequisites right away.All it really means for me is that I will have more credits toward my AA and I will have to finish up the nursing prerequisites later. It just changes how I prioritized my plans before. I know I will appreciate the system of registration later on in my game, but for now it really doesn't hurt me to learn to flex. It's also good for me to have my plans crossed so that I continually realize that 'all things work together for good to them that love God and them that are called according to His purpose.'

I have more to write, but I'll have to save it for morning. I'm completely exhausted due to a mama cat who has no milk and hungry kittens that have to be fed in the middle of the night. All things work together, right? yep, it's good character building.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can Hardly Believe It!

 Before you read this take note: I sometimes think it's weird just writing all my day to day happenings for everyone to see, but then I think of how I would like to be able to look back later at all the years of school and family life and see all the ways that the Lord has lead me. This is why I blog. Please, if it boars you don't read it.

 My first quarter of college is almost over. I'm really excited, even though I have enjoyed school, to be finishing these classes and to start new ones soon. If I can pull through this last stretch of tests as I have so far, I think I will have an A in all my classes! I've had to work hard this quarter, but really, school is not as hard as I thought it might be. I know that God has really blessed in my schoolwork. I'm always amazed that He gives me just enough time, just enough focus, and all the help that I need in every aspect of life. I also recognize that as long as I do my very best He will continue to help me in all my studies. It's amazing! I think it is partially because of getting used to doing tests in a formal setting and this knowledge that God will continue to lead me and guide me as He's done before that has helped me learn to not stress out over every quiz and test that comes along.

So what's the homework agenda for the next week or two??
1. I have two more math tests; one is on Thursday. Then I am done. I can redo a test on the day of finals if I want to but I don't see a need to do that- at least not yet.
2. I have one more paper to write for English. Actually, it is just a revision of a previous paper that I wrote. My reading journal that I have been working on all quarter is also due soon as well as my portfolio. For English finals I have to write a whole paper in 2 hours in class. I'm definitely not a fast writer but because I know what I will have to write about already, I can start planning it out in my brain.
3. I had a medical terminology test yesterday. I have my final for that class next Monday.
4. I have piano jury coming up. I'm a little nervous about it since I haven't had much experiance playing for a judge. My piano teacher has been drilling into my head that I can choose to focus and not let the circumstances get in the way of my enjoyment of the piece. It's quite silly to be nervous about playing some long piano Ballad. Really no one will live or die because of it. It has little impact in the big picture of life, so I choose not to worry.

Besides, I'm on God's side why should I worry.

I can trust Him.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Safely through another week.... Just enjoying the beginning of the Sabbath hours. We've been having a few families over for Friday evening supper and worship. Lots of little kids! We can identify with these families though. Fellowship is more rare for large families, and we see so much in common especially with our friends that have a couple of foster kids right now.

Anyway, we have been just discussing short stories from the Bible. It's a blessing. Tonight we talked about the centurion and his servant that Jesus healed by simply speaking the word. He was one of the few people where it is recorded that Jesus commended his faith. Faith. It's so abstract, yet it is so real. Unmanufacturable, but offered to everyone that will receive.

Tomorrow, we have to go to church on the east side again. We will be so thankful when our church is finished. The day will come soon. Soon just seems so far away.

That's all for now. Vanessa

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life of Me on Random

A worn out pencil
A stack of scrap paper
A dogeared math book
 Another good quiz

Flashcards cluttering a desk
Long unpronounceable medical terms
A pretty"fried" brain
The test marked 2/3 done with the class

A bunch of ideas sloshed onto a paper
Something about lifeguards
Oh, just not enough time
Early mornings, brainstorm time

Piano music
Sticky notes
metronome beside
Harp too
Oh just wait Christmas music crisis just around the bend

Precious moments
Kneeling in my bed
Talking with the Best Friend 
Through every difficulty He'll always stick to me

And don't forget the little things that also make life joy
Apple pies
Grocery store visit with Mom
Walk with the twins through the orchard

All the things that make life- life

Living for Jesus


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mom says, "Write."

So I'm writing. I'm making one more attempt at being a blogger. I really admire bloggers, and my Mom just happens to be avidly involved in the bloggy world.  My problem is that I have trouble taking the moment to sit down and write. Anyway, here I am once again.

Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. It's Canadian Thanksgiving, and since I actually live in the states, there's not much happening except school and work. I'm still thankful though-thankful for another year of life (my b-day landed on Thanksgiving last year), thankful for an ever learning and growing family, thankful for challenges, for tough times that God taught us through, thankful for new experiences (like going to school for the very first time), thankful for friends, thankful for nature, thankful for hope, thankful for God.

What are you thankful for today?

I mentioned school. I really like it! It's challenging me. It's growing me. Everyday I learn so much, and I have to work hard. Math is downright hard for me. I enjoy working through the problems though it can be extremely difficult, and I usually set aside a couple hours everyday to work through my problems in the tutoring center.  I really love the tutoring center. It helps me understand the concepts better, and having other students who are proficient where I am lacking available to help me when I'm stumped is just tremendous! I'm still so weak though in this area. I hope and pray that I'll pass the class. I have always done pretty well in English. I had an awesome teacher for several years before I started at the college. She taught me the fundamentals so well! I am learning a lot from my classes at the college though. I would say it's more abstract than I'm used to, but maybe that is not the right wording for it.  My new teacher focuses more on formulating ideas, looking at other essay writers, and asking the questions: "So what?" and "Who cares?" I feel that this class will broaden my understanding of writing. I think it has already. I'm having to read a lot of articles from the New York Times. They are well written articles. I don't have a keen appreciation for all of them, but some of them interest me and taking notes and understanding them is pretty fun. The other class I'm taking this quarter is Medical Terminology. I like it pretty well especially because I think I got on A on my first test! I like the medical kind of stuff (obvious considering my career choice). Learning about the body and diseases and just how everything works is like a big puzzle to me. This class is helping me put some pieces in place. Plus because I'm learning lots of terms, I can understand more conversations using medical names and stuff like that.
I have classes from 8-10 am daily, and then I have one three hour evening class every week.  I generally stay and study at the college library or in the tutoring center for several hours after classes. Then when I go home I can do my hobbies- cleaning house, cooking, playing with the twins, and practicing music.

I really enjoyed this weekend. I stayed busy every moment, but I did have a blessed Sabbath in nature with my family. I'm not sure if I'm ready to hit the grind of things again, but ready or not Monday is almost here! I'll be grandparent sitting this week, so won't be home until next weekend. Thankfully, their house is close to school, so I'll enjoy that convenience, and one of my best friends will be helping me, so it will be fun! There's no place like home though. I'll be happy to come back!

Busy week ahead! Looking forward to it in God's strength.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Practicing Up!!

Practicing up....for several things!!

One: Ryan* and Kayla*'s wedding coming up on Sunday. Christina and I have polished quite a few pieces for this. It's the first wedding that we get to officially do the music. We're excited, and hey, it's good motivation for practicing up some nice classic music for flute and harp:)

Two: College starts Monday. I attended the orientation today. Mr. Bidlemen* teased that he hoped I passed the first class. Oh, I hope so too!!:)

Three: Just practicing beholding Christ more and more.  I just want to know Him and to be like Him!

Well, that's just a couple things I wanted to jot down on my notes today.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week of Prayer

I am finding a deeper understanding of righteousness by faith. All the pieces of the puzzle that I have had placed before me at sometime or another really fit together! It's not my righteousness but Christ's that saves me! Yea, I knew that before, but the thing of works just confused me a little bit. I'm starting to grasp this beautiful concept for what it really is: Jesus does the work in me. I don't focus on changing me!!! Jesus changes me as I behold Him! My work is to spend time with Him, build a relationship with Him, and stick to Jesus. This is not always easy. Paul tells us that we are to fight the good fight of faith. We just have to fight on in the right place- not fighting to change me, but to know Him.

I'm taking lots of notes from Pastor Lee Vendon's series, "It's all about Jesus" that He is presenting here. Very good!! It's so inspiring to me!! I see that I just need to know Jesus better. This be always my goal!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School

Back to School. 

These words have, in the past, framed a different picture for me than for most students.
For me they included:
anticipation of new classes,
looking forward to homeschool gatherings,
choosing a new notebook,
making new goals,
starting out with a clean slate,
and, oh yea, doing my school work in my bedroom or the dinning room table:)

This fall these words, back to school, mean something a little different to me. I find myself figuring out last minuet details on my college schedule, scanning textbook lists at the bookstore, looking on Amazon for better deals and just feeling a bit more overwhelmed and nervous but as always- excited! 

School officially starts the 20th.

I will only be at the college about 3 hours a day, but still, it's different from my once a week classes in town.

What's it going to be like? Really have no idea! 

I'm setting some goals though and going through a great study skills DVD class: Super Star Student. It is very good!

This one thing I try to keep in mind:

"Upon the mind of every student should be impressed the thought that education is a failure unless the understanding has learned to grasp the truths of divine revelation, and unless the heart accepts the teachings of the gospel of Christ. The student who, in the place of the broad principles of the word of God, will accept common ideas, and will allow the time and attention to be absorbed in commonplace, trivial matters, will find his mind becoming dwarfed and enfeebled. He will lose the power of growth. The mind must be trained to comprehend the important truths that concern eternal life."{CT 12.3}

This quote reminds me of that song: "My Hope is Built on Nothing Less....
....than Jesus Christ and righteousness. "

This song states my life goal to place my hope in Jesus -not on academic achievement, not on recognition or fame, riches not on anything else but Jesus and His righteousness.

That's just a little piece of this girl's very full life. I know that I will be challenged with Hard Things this year, but I look forward to them trusting in Jesus.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Trust 101," From the Lesson Book of God

I really enjoy a great time floating down the river with cousins, Uncle Jason* ,  Auntie,  Pepere, and the rest of my family. It's wonderful when so many of us can meet on the same continent at the same time, but even then we are missing three of the little girls, Auntie Annie, and Memere...too bad Africa lies so far away. Well, that will make heaven all the better.

Anyway, I put my retainer in my pocket while we ate lunch on the riverbank, and then totally forgot about it.  Oh:(( I swam the rest of the way down the river, and yea, you figure out the rest of the story.
.. The retainer slipped out somewhere in that big river, and it's gone.

I have a great family though. This morning, when they found out how much $$$ it would cost me to replace it they all decided to do  a grand search of the river.  A ridiculous idea? Yep! I really have a great family though, and that with faith. We have faith in a God who knows the end from the beginning, and who cares for His children as a father. We all knelt down to pray.  One of my little cousins prayed this, "Dear Lord,  Could you please give us a good swim? and if it your will could you please find us the retainer?"

You know you are loved when:
 Your whole family forms a search party for your missing retainer.
 Your Uncle nearly freezes in water far colder then his normal body temp. limit.
Oh yea, and your Grandfather, Pepere, stands on the bank and cheers everyone on.!

The water seemed colder then ever.

Sadly, we didn't find that ol' retainer.

I had to run to the orthodontist and set down the $$$ for a new one. ick!!

I still trust my Father in Heaven, though! He somehow saw best not fix the problem like I would have planned it, but I am told that "He has a thousand ways of which we know nothing", and that "He would never lead His children otherwise than they would choose to be lead if they could see the end from the beginning and discern the purpose for which they are fulfilling as co-workers with Christ".

I asked the Lord, last night, to teach me to trust Him more. He's answering this prayer. This is just more page in the lesson book of God, entitled, "Trust".

Thursday, August 12, 2010

When You Face The 'Deep' Hard Things

I've wondered what I should write for my second blog post on this journey to do hard things. I've had so many ideas swirling around in my brain but just to be able to take a moment and get them down on paper in some kind of meaningful notation is the challenge. I don't like fessing up. It's a hard thing for me, but I faced a challenge yesterday that showed one of the most difficult things in life- at least for me. That is character defect. I don't like being found "in the wrong" or  "at fault"- definitely a pride issue. The thing hit pretty deep yesterday as I didn't want to be "wrong", didn't want to admit I was "wrong",  and didn't want others to think I might have been "wrong".  After mulling over it for quite a long time (oooh, like two hours) I realized a much bigger problem lay under this little thing that I was so ready to defend. I had a heart problem. "For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."

What do you do when you realize you've done wrong? What do you when you feel like everybody knows when you've "messed up"? What do you do when you have to say, "I'm sorry"? 

These are hard questions. Why? because they dig deep into the heart.

Prayer Meeting last night was excellent-just what I need to hear. We've listened to the Ivor Myers series about the art of spiritual warfare. Every message inspires, but for some reason the DVD player wouldn't play any of the sermons except the last one which dealt especially with 'our warfare stance'.  Pastor Ivor paralleled our spiritual warfare with that of other types of fighters. Stance is very important to most fighters because without a good stance they are easy prey to the enemy. They are "Push-overs", and that is all it really takes to bring down someone who does not have the right stance. Just push them over (hint: plz. don't try it). So, what is the correct stance? According to Ivor, it is low with the knees bent.

Did you see that, LOW with the knees BENT!

Jesus say, "Come unto me for I am meek and LOWly in heart."

Oh to be more like Jesus! To be willing to come low,  to spend more time with our knees bent in prayer. I believe that if we were to pray more we would become more humble.

This is what I dealt with yesterday-the hardest of hard things- coming face to face with pride and self! No, this is not the first time I have met or surrendered them and I have heard that it is the work of a lifetime, but I have chosen to spend more time "low' on my knees in prayer and study of the life of Christ. I pray, Lord help me to learn to be more humble. Help me to learn to do these most important hard things!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do Hard Things

I highly recommend this book: Do Hard Things, by Brett and Alex Harris.
It’s very inspiring- a must read for all teenagers. I borrowed it from a friend of mine and I just finished it.  This is not a book that you can read and forget quickly- at least not for me. It is a challenge to meet the high calling which God has placed within the reach of youth today. It’s a challenge to do hard things, not just the great but also the small.  Oh that we would reach for the highest bar of success!!

I am  trying to implement the five ‘hard’ things that this book talks about in my life.

1. Things that are outside your comfort zone (doing what’s hard for you)
2. Things that go beyond what is expected or required
3. Things that are too big to accomplish alone (big hard things:)
4. Things that don’t earn an immediate payoff (Wow!! stuff like making your bed, driving the speed limit??!! Also things like fighting sin, doing schoolwork, and obeying parents)
5. Things that challenge the cultural norm

What hard things will we do today??

You can find this book on their web site: