Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life of Me on Random

A worn out pencil
A stack of scrap paper
A dogeared math book
 Another good quiz

Flashcards cluttering a desk
Long unpronounceable medical terms
A pretty"fried" brain
The test marked 2/3 done with the class

A bunch of ideas sloshed onto a paper
Something about lifeguards
Oh, just not enough time
Early mornings, brainstorm time

Piano music
Sticky notes
metronome beside
Harp too
Oh just wait Christmas music crisis just around the bend

Precious moments
Kneeling in my bed
Talking with the Best Friend 
Through every difficulty He'll always stick to me

And don't forget the little things that also make life joy
Apple pies
Grocery store visit with Mom
Walk with the twins through the orchard

All the things that make life- life

Living for Jesus


1 comment:

  1. Nice poem Nessa. It describes everything you're trying to accomplish perfectly. Worked on that piano piece with the metronome today. See you on Sabbath.