Sunday, July 29, 2012

Can't explain

Life the last few days has been the kind that a blog post just can't describe.

It's so full.

How can I describe the learning process, the joy, the spirit of our "preaching sessions" as Goosey girls and I rotate, critique, and pray with each other up in our little chapel room?

How can I tell you what it was like tour this ancient city in Hungary, show you with words what we've seen (no, I'm not a photographer!) , replay the experiences, mimic the spontaneous?

Started at Ambrus' house 10am on Friday.

Eniku was guide. This girl maneuvered us past guards, on trains, buses, around the city, here and there, to lunch, back home. Unbelievable- not a glitch. Absolutely enjoyable!


Memorial tree with engraved names in the silver leaves of thousands lives taken in the Holicost.

This place is rich with history.

But it was more than just seeing these places, and that's what I'm having trouble writing in words.

Crammed busses
Sweat (I'm pretty sure I'm too young for hot flashes but I am almost convinced I'm having them at times)
Just sharing the moments

Yesterday, we split up for two churches. Christina and I went with Joshua and Andras to the site that I'll be preaching at. We were attacked with kisses at the door. Took me a minute to figure out what to these people though.
Ms. Leasa and Eniku try to warn us in stories about this kind of stuff -very much appreciated. But we still have to figure it out for ourselves.

Joshua's message -excellent.

Potluck-good...but I'm pretty sure that they literally wanted the four of us to finish ALL the food on the table. We had to explain again and again that we were FULL and couldn't eat anymore.

Church here is an all day thing. After potluck they have another service. We asked them to combine afternoon services, so we had music, testimonies, and GYC and YFJ reports.


These are the hours treasured in our hearts. Beautiful. Unforgettable. Yet I can't explain them.

Sitting on the floor at the lovely Ambrus home. Being family. Sharing stories.

Until that chapter of our Hungary trip was closed.

Nebblets and Alonna took the train back home.

YFJ kids arrive today.

Only wish I could transport myself to help my mom, give her a break for a little bit....don't like being so far away I can't do anything. She's the so strong, so brave, so amazing.  Love you, Mom. Thanks for all you're doing right now.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We're here!

Hungary. Beautiful. GREEN. Damp. Moist. Warm. 

We are staying at the Adventist Seminary. It's small. It's quiet. And there's LOTS of room to run.

I ran and ran around and around the property this morning. Just wish my sister and running buddy was here. Miss her soooo much! But Stina~bee and I are having a blast with the Goosey girls and Ms. Leasa. We're just sitting around listening to Ms. Leasa's old YFJ stories this morning.

Rest and quiet is a blessed thing after yesterday.

Left at 7am. Got to the airport and our gate just in time. Only a half hour flight. Really wondered why we did this.! 

The GPS said 11:45 for arrival time in Budapest for Leasa. That was when we left the car. 

Things, of course,  are always different than we foresee. We had discussed where we would meet at the airport. But apparently, airports are not all the same. Weren't sure where to go...eventually found this stairway outside that reached from departure to arrival. Christina stood at one end and I stood at the other watching for the gray little car that we left in Vienna. Funny thing is: over half the cars here are little and gray.!  
Cell phone doesn't work. No internet available.

People are kind of interesting- come and stand right in front of someone's face and smoke- somehow normal?! I move down the stairs a couple steps and then someone else moves over right in front of me again. I try another spot and someone comes and stands right beside me. Give up!

I literally had the idea as a little kid that if I ever smelled anyone's cigarettes I would have these disgustingly black lungs and probably die. I took the Janice attic lessons very seriously:)

Hopefully, such will not be my fate. 

By about 4:30 we were climbing into the car.

Poor Ms. Leasa had some major trials. Thankfully she realized that it was a diesel-only car before she started the engine. But what a rollercoster ride to get the gas out. 

Now we're here and we're happy! 

Every step of the way we learn lessons of trust. 

Our confidence is God. No problems, no surprises can overcome us as long as we know that He is in control.

Every difficulty is an opportunity for character improvement. Let's not forget it! 

Monday, July 23, 2012


If I lived here I would seriously wear a watch. There are NO clocks- except the one on the GYC stage...and since it represents the time in which we live, it is continually almost 12. 

Other than that GYC is GYC and it's awesome! 

Seminars are great. Lots of stuff on Revelation- I soooo appreciate it. Trying to take lots of notes. Also went to Justin's leadership meeting this morning. It was unbelievably practical. A must hear for every young person.

Testimony yesterday was amazing....and we just so happened to have Jesse's parents as our small group leaders. So after we heard the story from Jesse, we got the other side of the story. It was great! 

We are having a great time with Ms. Leasa and Kimberly (she left with her parents this morning). We stayed up late last night...but my body is okay with anything because of time zone differences. 

Meeting many wonderful people from all over the world. Went door to door with the sweetest German girl. She spoke German, English, French, Japanese and a couple other languages. I'm forced to the realization that our culture back home places so little value or emphasis on learning languages. But what a blessing to have the ability to talk to people pretty much anywhere! 

We were surprised to find Ariane here. Having a great time catching up on everything. Goosey girls came for a couple days. They decided that Zach needed help promoting LIFE at the booth. They got Christina to help and me a wee bit, but really, I'm not a natural. LIFE has been a huge blessing in my life I am willing to share that. We had a YFJ reunion picture with Goosey girls, Zach, Andy and his brother and us at the life booth. So Fun! 

The evening devotional last night was great...was the message that has completely changed me. At least given me reason and purpose for every moment- of the rest of my life. It wasn't preached to me in one sermon. It was everyday for a month last year. We had almost an hour and half drive to and from our site in California...and it was then, I learned what the GOSPEL meant. It changed my Bible study,  changed my prayer life, changed my life-outlook, changed my self-conscious personality. Now I live for this Gospel.  

The sermon last night was based on the book of Acts and one quote that was drilled into my head on those long, traffic filled highways..."Hanging on the cross, Christ was the gospel..." He is the heart of our every message. He is the reason for our every breath. We could do everything right but if we miss Him, we miss everything! 

I get so excited when I here this message. It just resonates within me. Because it's power has changed me. I do know that last year may not have been the first time I've heard it...but somehow, it just reached a deeper level in my heart and I got it. 

Oh, I pray that Jesus would be uplifted as we prepare for YFJ and the evangelism in Hungary. I'm afraid of myself getting in the way. But I believe in the power of God to work with our absolute nothingness to magnify Him. 

Well, I can't think of too many more things to write. Note for my family: We are flying to Budapest, it was too expensive to cancel it. We are well fed. Not really too tired. Alive and blessed. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

On our way...

 So I think our 'before trip' story has been well documented. It's been interesting...but...

I think we are on our way for real! Should be boarding the plane soon:) I'm thankful that we will make it to our destination the same day we planned! God is good.

Having fun already! Yep, we can have fun in an airport;) Already been asked if I speak Dutch and if I'm German. Sorry, neither.

I'm still giggling about the security guard bending down to the dear lady in front of us at the checkpoint where we were showing our ID, and asking "We're going shopping are we?!" Of course she cracked up with the rest of us as she tucked her credit card back in her purse and pulled out the right thing.

There's lots of stuff that is striking us funny... or as our friend Mary would say 'gives us the giggles'. Maybe we're tired?:) Don't feel it right now. Will soon. Many hours yet to go...cause we are still in Seattle.

It's our little cousins birthday today. Happy birthday, Shiloh! We love you. 

Okay we are getting ready to board! Yes!