Sunday, July 29, 2012

Can't explain

Life the last few days has been the kind that a blog post just can't describe.

It's so full.

How can I describe the learning process, the joy, the spirit of our "preaching sessions" as Goosey girls and I rotate, critique, and pray with each other up in our little chapel room?

How can I tell you what it was like tour this ancient city in Hungary, show you with words what we've seen (no, I'm not a photographer!) , replay the experiences, mimic the spontaneous?

Started at Ambrus' house 10am on Friday.

Eniku was guide. This girl maneuvered us past guards, on trains, buses, around the city, here and there, to lunch, back home. Unbelievable- not a glitch. Absolutely enjoyable!


Memorial tree with engraved names in the silver leaves of thousands lives taken in the Holicost.

This place is rich with history.

But it was more than just seeing these places, and that's what I'm having trouble writing in words.

Crammed busses
Sweat (I'm pretty sure I'm too young for hot flashes but I am almost convinced I'm having them at times)
Just sharing the moments

Yesterday, we split up for two churches. Christina and I went with Joshua and Andras to the site that I'll be preaching at. We were attacked with kisses at the door. Took me a minute to figure out what to these people though.
Ms. Leasa and Eniku try to warn us in stories about this kind of stuff -very much appreciated. But we still have to figure it out for ourselves.

Joshua's message -excellent.

Potluck-good...but I'm pretty sure that they literally wanted the four of us to finish ALL the food on the table. We had to explain again and again that we were FULL and couldn't eat anymore.

Church here is an all day thing. After potluck they have another service. We asked them to combine afternoon services, so we had music, testimonies, and GYC and YFJ reports.


These are the hours treasured in our hearts. Beautiful. Unforgettable. Yet I can't explain them.

Sitting on the floor at the lovely Ambrus home. Being family. Sharing stories.

Until that chapter of our Hungary trip was closed.

Nebblets and Alonna took the train back home.

YFJ kids arrive today.

Only wish I could transport myself to help my mom, give her a break for a little bit....don't like being so far away I can't do anything. She's the so strong, so brave, so amazing.  Love you, Mom. Thanks for all you're doing right now.


  1. Sounds like so much fun. Cindy wanted to know if you saw the caves in the city?? Maybe your next trip?

    love you.

    Sorry i couldn't talk yesterday. 175 quarts of apricots. nuff said :-)

  2. Gotta love the kisses at the door. :) We were sad to leave. Such a batch of memories! Your adventure is just beginning. Soak it up. :)