Wednesday, August 1, 2012


That is the abbreviation for Youth for Jesus (hint: this is Hungary).

Busy, busy...

Ever since all the kids arrived.


We're starting to get into a routine though.

Making friends with a bit of a language barrier can be a challenge. It takes effort. At supper last night, we decided the Americans could not sit together. The other kids couldn't understand it. They were all moving over to make spots where we could be together:) That's what I mean when I say sweet...very thoughtful and everything. We finally got through to them that we were trying to break a habit. They accepted.

Our conversations, our jokes, our laughter is over the simple stuff.

The food processor is will forever be the food professor.

People here have a last name and a Christian name....(until you find out that was a miss translation). They have a completely normal first and last name.

Hungarian kitties don't understand Hungarian "t-t-t-t-t" . You see, cats speak English because they come when we say, "Here kitty-kitty-kitty".

Only understood if you were here.  But these are the beginnings of friendships that I pray will last for eternity. Never want to forget these beginnings.

Culture-wise. At first glance, everything seems to be fairly close to US culture.  But there are alot of really neat things in this culture that are different than we've know.

I thought I was getting well trained every time we'd pray to stand up, but Charissa had to jab me this morning to remind me get on my feet.

Song services here are lovely. The girls have very beautiful, true voices, but only one other pianist. Christina and I play alot. We've had to adapt our tempos. Music here is pretty classic. They were a bit overwhelmed with all the instruments too. We are doing more with just one or two instruments. The voices here are the important part.

Food is scrumptious. Hopefully, I can learn to replicate some of the Hungarian dishes to try at home. There's no food lines here. We set the tables for all of the people -glass dishes, everything. Washing station is outside the eating tent and everyone does their own dishes. Actually most people do their own dishes ++. Work ethic here is impressive. These kids are not slackers at all. It's so fun to work with them. It's easy to sense a real spirit of service and a willingness to go the extra mile to help out.

Miss Leasa's classes have been excellent. She has challenged everyone to either start or deepen their devotional life. That is the theme for this month, but it is a new challenge for many of these kids. It makes it all the more beautiful to see them, Bible in hand, going out to find a quiet place with God in the morning.

Talked to my other me yesterday- actually my sister. I'm inspired by the testimonies. God is at work in His army of youth. There is no denying it. We are going home soon. Please pray for us here in Hungary. God has plans for FJK. I believe it!


  1. Praying! Especially for all the speakers today. :)

    1. Thank you for the prayers. The meetings are going well. We are blessed again and again.