Thursday, August 23, 2012

About the Driving

Just an add on or maybe a my sister's news feed:)

No one died. It was fine. It was fun. I had a great driver sitting next to me. Seriously, I've been driving automatic for 3+ yrs. Well maybe that's laughable to most of you who have been driving for who knows how long. But really, I sort of get the hang of the driving thing. Just had an itch to drive- missed it the last month (me seriously miss driving?!) But anyway, no automatics here.

So yep, I've added it to my resume of new skills aquired in Hungary.

1. Ping-pong
2. Meta
3. Semi
4. manual driving

Just for the record:)

Sad this time is coming to a close, but my sister at home is already counting the hours. Miss everyone there.

But Stina-bee and I have brothers and sisters here that we can never forget. Brothers and sisters that will always have a place in hearts. Brothers and sisters that we hope to, no, we must meet in our Father's house.

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