Thursday, September 16, 2010

Practicing Up!!

Practicing up....for several things!!

One: Ryan* and Kayla*'s wedding coming up on Sunday. Christina and I have polished quite a few pieces for this. It's the first wedding that we get to officially do the music. We're excited, and hey, it's good motivation for practicing up some nice classic music for flute and harp:)

Two: College starts Monday. I attended the orientation today. Mr. Bidlemen* teased that he hoped I passed the first class. Oh, I hope so too!!:)

Three: Just practicing beholding Christ more and more.  I just want to know Him and to be like Him!

Well, that's just a couple things I wanted to jot down on my notes today.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week of Prayer

I am finding a deeper understanding of righteousness by faith. All the pieces of the puzzle that I have had placed before me at sometime or another really fit together! It's not my righteousness but Christ's that saves me! Yea, I knew that before, but the thing of works just confused me a little bit. I'm starting to grasp this beautiful concept for what it really is: Jesus does the work in me. I don't focus on changing me!!! Jesus changes me as I behold Him! My work is to spend time with Him, build a relationship with Him, and stick to Jesus. This is not always easy. Paul tells us that we are to fight the good fight of faith. We just have to fight on in the right place- not fighting to change me, but to know Him.

I'm taking lots of notes from Pastor Lee Vendon's series, "It's all about Jesus" that He is presenting here. Very good!! It's so inspiring to me!! I see that I just need to know Jesus better. This be always my goal!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School

Back to School. 

These words have, in the past, framed a different picture for me than for most students.
For me they included:
anticipation of new classes,
looking forward to homeschool gatherings,
choosing a new notebook,
making new goals,
starting out with a clean slate,
and, oh yea, doing my school work in my bedroom or the dinning room table:)

This fall these words, back to school, mean something a little different to me. I find myself figuring out last minuet details on my college schedule, scanning textbook lists at the bookstore, looking on Amazon for better deals and just feeling a bit more overwhelmed and nervous but as always- excited! 

School officially starts the 20th.

I will only be at the college about 3 hours a day, but still, it's different from my once a week classes in town.

What's it going to be like? Really have no idea! 

I'm setting some goals though and going through a great study skills DVD class: Super Star Student. It is very good!

This one thing I try to keep in mind:

"Upon the mind of every student should be impressed the thought that education is a failure unless the understanding has learned to grasp the truths of divine revelation, and unless the heart accepts the teachings of the gospel of Christ. The student who, in the place of the broad principles of the word of God, will accept common ideas, and will allow the time and attention to be absorbed in commonplace, trivial matters, will find his mind becoming dwarfed and enfeebled. He will lose the power of growth. The mind must be trained to comprehend the important truths that concern eternal life."{CT 12.3}

This quote reminds me of that song: "My Hope is Built on Nothing Less....
....than Jesus Christ and righteousness. "

This song states my life goal to place my hope in Jesus -not on academic achievement, not on recognition or fame, riches not on anything else but Jesus and His righteousness.

That's just a little piece of this girl's very full life. I know that I will be challenged with Hard Things this year, but I look forward to them trusting in Jesus.