Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week of Prayer

I am finding a deeper understanding of righteousness by faith. All the pieces of the puzzle that I have had placed before me at sometime or another really fit together! It's not my righteousness but Christ's that saves me! Yea, I knew that before, but the thing of works just confused me a little bit. I'm starting to grasp this beautiful concept for what it really is: Jesus does the work in me. I don't focus on changing me!!! Jesus changes me as I behold Him! My work is to spend time with Him, build a relationship with Him, and stick to Jesus. This is not always easy. Paul tells us that we are to fight the good fight of faith. We just have to fight on in the right place- not fighting to change me, but to know Him.

I'm taking lots of notes from Pastor Lee Vendon's series, "It's all about Jesus" that He is presenting here. Very good!! It's so inspiring to me!! I see that I just need to know Jesus better. This be always my goal!

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