Saturday, August 11, 2012

God is Good

So good!

That has been the phrase that ever resounds in my mind. It has tried to make it on at least two other blog posts, but, due to the fullness of this life, they never reached completion.

It is true. God is so good.

I see it again and again.

Understanding comes in moments of desperation- when I realize that God and God alone can teach me what I have strained my brain to get but never completely did. (i.e. 2300 days:)

Trials come. And I am so thankful, oh, so thankful.

This is only because God is good.

 He knows my human heart, knows that I must again and again realize my nothingness, knows that I must recognize my utter dependence on Him that any thing be accomplished.

He is faithful.

Despite the fact that I begin each meeting with fear and trembling  I see Him work. What a privilege!

I wasn't speaking last night so I was assigned to pray with Eniku during the meeting. All that filled my heart was praise- praise that God would give me this opportunity to be apart of this group of Youth for Jesus, praise that God would allow me to be apart of an amazing work of bringing souls to Him.

Pretty much all the young people at my site were from the same area of Hungary. They all had obligations of work, preparing for school, extra, so they were planning on leaving on Monday. It has been top on my prayer list as I see that these kids are on the verge of making decisions for Christ. Besides that, they are the most awesome group of kids to work with, and their presence would be sooo missed. I've been praying that some kind of miracle happen not specifically that they would stay but that, somehow, God would break through.

The other day their group came together and decided that they really needed to pray about this. They did (all was unbeknown to the rest of us). Next morning, one of them was reading his Bible and found 2 Chronicles 15:7, "Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded." It was like God was speaking directly to their situation. Their plans were completely changed. Should of heard the cheering when the announcement was made yesterday that they are staying. My heart could not be more thrilled! But this is a test of faith for some of them...we pray that God will provide for their needs as they are faithful to His call. 

God IS good.

Our meetings are blessed. I've come to love the people at my site so much. I look forward to seeing them every night. I didn't see them tonight though -went to Christina's site to do special music. The two of us share a very strong sense of loyalty...we're not the kind that like to visit a new site every night:) But I did it tonight. Afterward, I realized that God arranged it for a purpose. We met a neat family that was visiting from a neighboring church. The husband spoke English so we were talking with them. He asked, "you know fountainview?"...we were like, "Of course, we love fountainview". He said, "I was there once -only three weeks, but it was one of the best things that ever happened to me." He started listing a few names that he remembered. Besides the Luchaks I didn't recognize any except "Mr. Ford". He said that he had a boy...and that he lived in the "new red house nearby". 

25 years later, on a totally different continent, most random country ever, at a little tiny evangelistic series, this guy was talking to the daughters of Mr. Ford's boy (Yep, that would be my Dad:). So do you remember George? 

Spent the afternoon singing in the little seminary room with a few of the other girls, so much fun. Homemade cake, and I mean, homemade from the grinding of the wheat, seems to be a mid-afternoon Sabbath treat. Our cook is awesome. I really like Hungarian food. It's definitely different from the food we have at home, but good stuff!

I start preparing for my next leg of the marathon of meetings tomorrow morning. I'll try and get Christina to keep you updated. I think I will be out of bloggy world again for awhile. 

But just know: God is good.

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  1. It rings a bell with dad. He thinks they stayed at his house, but thinks it was more than 25 years ago.... Pretty amazing!

    Thankful you wrote:-). We read the post while at the river sabbath evening