Thursday, July 19, 2012

On our way...

 So I think our 'before trip' story has been well documented. It's been interesting...but...

I think we are on our way for real! Should be boarding the plane soon:) I'm thankful that we will make it to our destination the same day we planned! God is good.

Having fun already! Yep, we can have fun in an airport;) Already been asked if I speak Dutch and if I'm German. Sorry, neither.

I'm still giggling about the security guard bending down to the dear lady in front of us at the checkpoint where we were showing our ID, and asking "We're going shopping are we?!" Of course she cracked up with the rest of us as she tucked her credit card back in her purse and pulled out the right thing.

There's lots of stuff that is striking us funny... or as our friend Mary would say 'gives us the giggles'. Maybe we're tired?:) Don't feel it right now. Will soon. Many hours yet to go...cause we are still in Seattle.

It's our little cousins birthday today. Happy birthday, Shiloh! We love you. 

Okay we are getting ready to board! Yes!

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