Friday, April 27, 2012

Acts continues!

I have a few more minuets before I head home.

Peggy and Lui and the Tall's new place is beautiful. I'm enjoying the Friday evening sky. The view is one of the best I've seen in town here. I've been the house girl while Peggy and Lui were gone today. It's a job I like, and I don't mind that it's not just down the street from school anymore.

The week has been crazy. A few notes have been jotted down in my journal. A few have been written on scratch paper and are stuffed in a binder or crumpled in my backpack. Some are still lingering in my brain. One of these days, I'll get time to turn some of these thoughts into a post. 

But just now...I've been memorizing. And though I admit to being behind schedule, I'm hooked!

The book of Acts was the first book I sequentially began reading through on my own. Don't ask me why it wasn't Genesis or Matthew or John. I was about eleven, and I distinctly remember laying in my bed flipping through my brand new Bible. Somehow, it was Acts that I decided was my first project.

The stories were thrilling to me. Now, more so!

Nothing has made me slow down and really understand the connectedness of these passages, the details, the implications like now.

Verse by verse I'm seeing God working through His agents fit for service by the Holy Spirit's power....The work of Acts continues today, and I pray for that work to continue in my heart.

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