Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Quarter

Warning: I am experiencing a severe case of boredom which, for me, is an extremely rare occurrence. Symptoms apparently include chronic rambling and a deviation from the principles of brevity. I apologize, in advance, to those who endeavor to read this post and succumb to the same disorder.

It's been almost two months exactly. A quarter has come and gone (as of yesterday).

And though I never meant to slow down at all during spring break, sickness has had its way with me, and I am currently curled up on the couch with the bad stomach thing. But God is good and got me through all my finals before any symptoms started showing.

Choir party is happening now...I love all those kids and was so hoping to be there.

I still have next week free, and hopefully, we'll be able to start on our canvassing project. We'll see...

I always learn something during the quarter. I know that it sounds like a "dah" statement because that's the whole point of going to school, isn't it? In a way. But will I, ten years down the road, remember everything about the different theories of psychology? Will I remember all that terminology that I have drilled into my brain? Some of it maybe...but just now, I can't even remember anything detailed enough to use as an example. (Symptom of the flue? not sure).

But I have had my forever Teacher in every class I've gone too. I truly believe that He's the one that has taken me from an insecure, wimpy high school student to what I am today. (I really appreciated my friend Cami's blog post click here. Her story is very much like mine, and the desire of my heart, she puts so well.

This Teacher has not only enabled me to "learn" the trivial. He has enabled me, through it all, to learn the lasting. These life lessons I pray I will never forget.  Every quarter the lessons are just a bit different, but usually they have alot to do with faith, trust, determination, boldness, and making Him first in everything. This quarter it was all this plus more.

Psychology has been one of those subjects that I have deferred to the end. I actually love learning about the brain how it works extra....but so much humanism and every other way the devil can divert our minds from the only true source of power is presented. And there's nothing, nothing at all about the only Source of true strength.

It has exposed me to the problems. They are far more than this homeschooled girl has ever imagined even though my circle has embraced a few and called them our own. I guess it's just that I haven't realized that so many everyday-looking people that sit with me in class struggle to a degree that so many do. The sad part is that most of the time, the problem stems from a "self something" and it's trying to be fixed with a self something. Don't get me wrong. I understand that there are such a vast amount of contributors to the pain that so many go through, and I ask, "Why?".

  • I've learned why I'm not judge, and I've seen why only God who sees that heart is.
  • I've begun to pray that I would see this world through His eyes.
  • I've grown more tired of this old sin experiment than ever before
  • I've learned how closely the deceiver tries to mix truth with error
  • I've learned, more than ever before, that He is my only strength and my only safeguard
  • I've seen how important it is that we be in touch with God- that we let Him work through us despite our fears to at least show people there's a better way.
 In another class, I've also discovered the preciousness of the literal six days of creation. Because the Bible says it, I've believed it and I figured that all other "firm" Christians esp. my teacher believed it too. Apparently, that is not the case. So I had to figure out why the days were not symbolic ++. I've realized that this is a real pillar to our faith. Let us never forget it.

Taking another biology class has confirmed, for me, that I am fascinated with anatomy and physiology. I'm getting close to A &P classes and closer to the nursing program. I'm elated! Some of you will remember that nursing, I up until I started college, was the farthest thing from even a consideration of a career path for me. I think it was my narrow perception of what a nurse does and then also a pride thing that made me so adamant that I would never be a nurse. Okay, I'm far from being done, but I'm enjoying the process and I'm excited that I'm going into a field where I may touch the physically needy for God's glory.

That's what this life is about folks. It's short. It's fragile as my dad would say. And it's only for one purpose: the honor and glory of God. I know I've heard sermons about it, but I've never grasped what that glory really is. My answer came through the book Mount of Blessings pg. 31."Through trials and persecution, the glory- character- of God is revealed through His chosen ones." When I look at promises of future and present glory, it fits! And we have the weighty responsibility of displaying that glory. That's why David says, "Oh magnify the Lord with me". We are to "show up close" the character of God to the world. It makes me tremble. Peace with this work can only come as we realize that He is the one that does it through human vessels.

One more thing I've learned or been reminded of  is how fearful this vessel is. I've wanted to talk to some of my psychology classmates about the amazing strength of God -ask them to give Him a try. Opportunities are few though, and I (even though many may protest) am far to shy for my liking. But if given the chance, to refuse to share what trusting in Jesus is all about would be more than a shame. I had a small chance in an essay for my teacher and I, thankfully, took it. Though not a Christian ( I think) her last word to me on the email with my grade was, "Don't ever compromise who you are and what you believe in." She knows what I believe and what makes me who I am. I'm amazed that God can show a little  bit of his glory through a quivering heart like mine.

This is why I shoot for excellence in school: that He may be glorified. His faithfulness has been shown time and again through this journey. I have no reason to doubt or fear, because this education is in His hands. My prayer this quarter has been that if someday His leading brings me to a place that I don't deem as success, that I would still trust and follow and live for His glory and not my own.

The Fords are still plugging away at Acts two. We've put some of it to song- songs that I, as a lover of great music, can't boast about. The point here is not to have any magnificent composition ( it's far from it). We're just doing what ever we can to dig these words into our brains in an unforgettable way. We're not afraid to go to extremes of creativity to learn esp. verses nine through eleven:)

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