Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We're here!

Hungary. Beautiful. GREEN. Damp. Moist. Warm. 

We are staying at the Adventist Seminary. It's small. It's quiet. And there's LOTS of room to run.

I ran and ran around and around the property this morning. Just wish my sister and running buddy was here. Miss her soooo much! But Stina~bee and I are having a blast with the Goosey girls and Ms. Leasa. We're just sitting around listening to Ms. Leasa's old YFJ stories this morning.

Rest and quiet is a blessed thing after yesterday.

Left at 7am. Got to the airport and our gate just in time. Only a half hour flight. Really wondered why we did this.! 

The GPS said 11:45 for arrival time in Budapest for Leasa. That was when we left the car. 

Things, of course,  are always different than we foresee. We had discussed where we would meet at the airport. But apparently, airports are not all the same. Weren't sure where to go...eventually found this stairway outside that reached from departure to arrival. Christina stood at one end and I stood at the other watching for the gray little car that we left in Vienna. Funny thing is: over half the cars here are little and gray.!  
Cell phone doesn't work. No internet available.

People are kind of interesting- come and stand right in front of someone's face and smoke- somehow normal?! I move down the stairs a couple steps and then someone else moves over right in front of me again. I try another spot and someone comes and stands right beside me. Give up!

I literally had the idea as a little kid that if I ever smelled anyone's cigarettes I would have these disgustingly black lungs and probably die. I took the Janice attic lessons very seriously:)

Hopefully, such will not be my fate. 

By about 4:30 we were climbing into the car.

Poor Ms. Leasa had some major trials. Thankfully she realized that it was a diesel-only car before she started the engine. But what a rollercoster ride to get the gas out. 

Now we're here and we're happy! 

Every step of the way we learn lessons of trust. 

Our confidence is God. No problems, no surprises can overcome us as long as we know that He is in control.

Every difficulty is an opportunity for character improvement. Let's not forget it! 

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  1. Was fun to see you on video Facebook!

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