Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mom says, "Write."

So I'm writing. I'm making one more attempt at being a blogger. I really admire bloggers, and my Mom just happens to be avidly involved in the bloggy world.  My problem is that I have trouble taking the moment to sit down and write. Anyway, here I am once again.

Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. It's Canadian Thanksgiving, and since I actually live in the states, there's not much happening except school and work. I'm still thankful though-thankful for another year of life (my b-day landed on Thanksgiving last year), thankful for an ever learning and growing family, thankful for challenges, for tough times that God taught us through, thankful for new experiences (like going to school for the very first time), thankful for friends, thankful for nature, thankful for hope, thankful for God.

What are you thankful for today?

I mentioned school. I really like it! It's challenging me. It's growing me. Everyday I learn so much, and I have to work hard. Math is downright hard for me. I enjoy working through the problems though it can be extremely difficult, and I usually set aside a couple hours everyday to work through my problems in the tutoring center.  I really love the tutoring center. It helps me understand the concepts better, and having other students who are proficient where I am lacking available to help me when I'm stumped is just tremendous! I'm still so weak though in this area. I hope and pray that I'll pass the class. I have always done pretty well in English. I had an awesome teacher for several years before I started at the college. She taught me the fundamentals so well! I am learning a lot from my classes at the college though. I would say it's more abstract than I'm used to, but maybe that is not the right wording for it.  My new teacher focuses more on formulating ideas, looking at other essay writers, and asking the questions: "So what?" and "Who cares?" I feel that this class will broaden my understanding of writing. I think it has already. I'm having to read a lot of articles from the New York Times. They are well written articles. I don't have a keen appreciation for all of them, but some of them interest me and taking notes and understanding them is pretty fun. The other class I'm taking this quarter is Medical Terminology. I like it pretty well especially because I think I got on A on my first test! I like the medical kind of stuff (obvious considering my career choice). Learning about the body and diseases and just how everything works is like a big puzzle to me. This class is helping me put some pieces in place. Plus because I'm learning lots of terms, I can understand more conversations using medical names and stuff like that.
I have classes from 8-10 am daily, and then I have one three hour evening class every week.  I generally stay and study at the college library or in the tutoring center for several hours after classes. Then when I go home I can do my hobbies- cleaning house, cooking, playing with the twins, and practicing music.

I really enjoyed this weekend. I stayed busy every moment, but I did have a blessed Sabbath in nature with my family. I'm not sure if I'm ready to hit the grind of things again, but ready or not Monday is almost here! I'll be grandparent sitting this week, so won't be home until next weekend. Thankfully, their house is close to school, so I'll enjoy that convenience, and one of my best friends will be helping me, so it will be fun! There's no place like home though. I'll be happy to come back!

Busy week ahead! Looking forward to it in God's strength.

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  1. Ok, Miss Nessa.
    I know you have another post written, why is it not on here?
    I'm loving your background. It's very you.
    See you Wednesday.