Friday, November 5, 2010

Safely through another week.... Just enjoying the beginning of the Sabbath hours. We've been having a few families over for Friday evening supper and worship. Lots of little kids! We can identify with these families though. Fellowship is more rare for large families, and we see so much in common especially with our friends that have a couple of foster kids right now.

Anyway, we have been just discussing short stories from the Bible. It's a blessing. Tonight we talked about the centurion and his servant that Jesus healed by simply speaking the word. He was one of the few people where it is recorded that Jesus commended his faith. Faith. It's so abstract, yet it is so real. Unmanufacturable, but offered to everyone that will receive.

Tomorrow, we have to go to church on the east side again. We will be so thankful when our church is finished. The day will come soon. Soon just seems so far away.

That's all for now. Vanessa

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