Saturday, November 20, 2010

All Things Work Together

I last wrote on the seventeenth about how I was learning to trust God more and more to leave my school, tests and everything else in His hands. It was a great reminder to myself the next day.

I had to register for my classes Wednesday. Being in class when my registration time started, the internet working way to slowly, and being on the last section of those in line to register (because I have only a few credits so far) made for a little bit of stress. All my classes were full with huge waiting lists, so I just started clicking on random classes trying to see if I could find some kind of class with spots available. I kept giving it over to the Lord, and in the end, I found a math class that was open. That was the most important thing! I am also on very small wait lists for a communications class and a English class, so hopefully I will get into one of those. I won't be able to get started on the sciences for the nursing prerequisites right away.All it really means for me is that I will have more credits toward my AA and I will have to finish up the nursing prerequisites later. It just changes how I prioritized my plans before. I know I will appreciate the system of registration later on in my game, but for now it really doesn't hurt me to learn to flex. It's also good for me to have my plans crossed so that I continually realize that 'all things work together for good to them that love God and them that are called according to His purpose.'

I have more to write, but I'll have to save it for morning. I'm completely exhausted due to a mama cat who has no milk and hungry kittens that have to be fed in the middle of the night. All things work together, right? yep, it's good character building.

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