Monday, January 10, 2011

Generation of Youth for Christ Convention

Well, Its been a week since I arrived back home from GYC dead tired but on fire. It was a long exhausting trip since our flight, on the way there, was canceled leaving us in the airport for six hours until 5:30 for an all night flight. We also traveled all night coming back home, so I still feel like I'm kind of recovering. The trip was priceless though. I learned so much, had so much fun meeting my old friends again, and just really appreciated the strong spiritual atmosphere. I especially enjoyed spending time with Daniella who I miss so much since she left to Bible work in another state. I wrote just a little snippet of what GYC is all about for our church paper. This is it:

GYC. The name really captures what this movement is all about. It truly is a generation of Youth for Christ.

About 5000 young people from about 41 countries attended the convention in Baltimore this past week. It was really an inspiring privilege to be apart of it-not because of its big numbers but because of the dedication and commitment to Jesus that so heavily permeated the atmosphere. We met so many young people serving the Lord in many diverse ways. Some were working at an Adventist hospital in Ethiopia; many were Bible workers that my friend Daniella***Pusic had trained with; some were involved with evangelism programs such as ASI Youth for Jesus, and some were just living ordinary life like me-going to school, working at home, and trying to live for Christ where they were. Many of the speakers were young, but their messages were urgent, practical –what our generation needs not only to hear but to live today. The main theme was No Turning Back…I have decided to follow Jesus…No Turning Back.

The most exciting thing to me was that as this army of youth had come together to become more inspired and equipped to serve God. The leaders of our church were there right behind us, supporting us, discussing with us, teaching us, and just being apart. Our general conference president Elder Ted Wilson had the sermon on Sabbath. He called for us to be more committed to Christ and His church, to be more involved with ministry in our churches because if we truly believe that the Seventh-day Adventist church is the end time movement and that Jesus is coming soon, then we can do nothing but be involved working with all our hearts to prepare for that day. The young president of GYC, told us that on Christmas Eve, Elder Wilson had called him and said he was praying right then for GYC and for the young people that would come. Before he hung up, he said, “Save me a seat on the bus for outreach.” So, in the 72 buses that brought people to go door to door were leaders, true leaders of our church. One girl shared on Sabbath night that she had had a partner with a little bit of experience. It was Mark Finaly. She found it funny to walk up to a door, introduce herself and then say,..”and this is my friend Mark.”

Next year, GYC will be held in Texas, and I hope that more of us will be able to go. The theme is on the Holy Spirit- “Fill Me, Our Earnest Plea”. It’s time. We need the Holy Spirit in our personal lives. The charge given to all of us was to begin praying now.

I just want to tell everyone this great news: the year after next, GYC will be held in Seattle. I’m elated. We all can go!!!! Plan ahead. You will be blessed!!

When asked how Generation of Youth for Christ would be described in one word or what kind of legacy we would want it to leave for others (if Jesus has not yet come), the president of the conference answered, “Faithfulness”- Faithfulness to Jesus, Faithfulness to truth, Faithfulness till He comes. The convention is inspiring, but thankfully we can be apart of this group even if we can’t attend the conference. Faithfulness is something you and I must live out for God because of His faithfulness to us. Let’s be faithful with no turning back! 

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