Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can Hardly Believe It!

 Before you read this take note: I sometimes think it's weird just writing all my day to day happenings for everyone to see, but then I think of how I would like to be able to look back later at all the years of school and family life and see all the ways that the Lord has lead me. This is why I blog. Please, if it boars you don't read it.

 My first quarter of college is almost over. I'm really excited, even though I have enjoyed school, to be finishing these classes and to start new ones soon. If I can pull through this last stretch of tests as I have so far, I think I will have an A in all my classes! I've had to work hard this quarter, but really, school is not as hard as I thought it might be. I know that God has really blessed in my schoolwork. I'm always amazed that He gives me just enough time, just enough focus, and all the help that I need in every aspect of life. I also recognize that as long as I do my very best He will continue to help me in all my studies. It's amazing! I think it is partially because of getting used to doing tests in a formal setting and this knowledge that God will continue to lead me and guide me as He's done before that has helped me learn to not stress out over every quiz and test that comes along.

So what's the homework agenda for the next week or two??
1. I have two more math tests; one is on Thursday. Then I am done. I can redo a test on the day of finals if I want to but I don't see a need to do that- at least not yet.
2. I have one more paper to write for English. Actually, it is just a revision of a previous paper that I wrote. My reading journal that I have been working on all quarter is also due soon as well as my portfolio. For English finals I have to write a whole paper in 2 hours in class. I'm definitely not a fast writer but because I know what I will have to write about already, I can start planning it out in my brain.
3. I had a medical terminology test yesterday. I have my final for that class next Monday.
4. I have piano jury coming up. I'm a little nervous about it since I haven't had much experiance playing for a judge. My piano teacher has been drilling into my head that I can choose to focus and not let the circumstances get in the way of my enjoyment of the piece. It's quite silly to be nervous about playing some long piano Ballad. Really no one will live or die because of it. It has little impact in the big picture of life, so I choose not to worry.

Besides, I'm on God's side why should I worry.

I can trust Him.

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