Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Trust 101," From the Lesson Book of God

I really enjoy a great time floating down the river with cousins, Uncle Jason* ,  Auntie,  Pepere, and the rest of my family. It's wonderful when so many of us can meet on the same continent at the same time, but even then we are missing three of the little girls, Auntie Annie, and Memere...too bad Africa lies so far away. Well, that will make heaven all the better.

Anyway, I put my retainer in my pocket while we ate lunch on the riverbank, and then totally forgot about it.  Oh:(( I swam the rest of the way down the river, and yea, you figure out the rest of the story.
.. The retainer slipped out somewhere in that big river, and it's gone.

I have a great family though. This morning, when they found out how much $$$ it would cost me to replace it they all decided to do  a grand search of the river.  A ridiculous idea? Yep! I really have a great family though, and that with faith. We have faith in a God who knows the end from the beginning, and who cares for His children as a father. We all knelt down to pray.  One of my little cousins prayed this, "Dear Lord,  Could you please give us a good swim? and if it your will could you please find us the retainer?"

You know you are loved when:
 Your whole family forms a search party for your missing retainer.
 Your Uncle nearly freezes in water far colder then his normal body temp. limit.
Oh yea, and your Grandfather, Pepere, stands on the bank and cheers everyone on.!

The water seemed colder then ever.

Sadly, we didn't find that ol' retainer.

I had to run to the orthodontist and set down the $$$ for a new one. ick!!

I still trust my Father in Heaven, though! He somehow saw best not fix the problem like I would have planned it, but I am told that "He has a thousand ways of which we know nothing", and that "He would never lead His children otherwise than they would choose to be lead if they could see the end from the beginning and discern the purpose for which they are fulfilling as co-workers with Christ".

I asked the Lord, last night, to teach me to trust Him more. He's answering this prayer. This is just more page in the lesson book of God, entitled, "Trust".

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