Tuesday, October 4, 2011


"True education is missionary training." MH 395

Formal education has resumed. Summer was great...Not blissfully relaxing...It was power-packed! I will not even go into the lessons learned, the ways God touched my heart, the amazing experiences had....(not on this post anyway:) I truly believe taking the summer "off" from college was no mistake and no time wasted!
I do enjoy school though. I am taking chemistry, and so far, I like it (first time taking this subject in my life), also taking Spanish II plus music. 

In a way this year is so much better than last. My friends are around! We're not in the same classes, but we have strong comradeship. We have the same goal. We are here to be missionaries and to prepare for the future mission field God has for us. We pray together and encourage each other that we may reach this goal. The four of us are taking lessons from Daniel and his three friends. May we be as faithful as they.

As I look back on last year, it was so different, yet I don't regret it. God used aloneness to grow me. So many times, I realized that I didn't have anyone else but God there for me. I learned to trust. I learned to pray. I learned that Jesus even cared about my schoolwork.

I remember tears. I remember fear. I remember wondering if I was going to make it, and why I was in college at 17. I remember cold sweat and heart pounding in class as I tried to force an answer out of my petrified lips. I remember bombing my first quiz...But I also remember a God who never let me down. I remember a peace that He gave. I remember that when I am weak He is strong. 

I start this new school year, and I remember....

"My Redeemer is faithful and true...everything He has said He will do. And every morning His mercies are new!" I will trust Him, and learn to trust Him more.

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