Monday, October 24, 2011

In Love...

...with HIM who first loved me.

He's an amazing friend... His love so pure.... His faithfulness unending. He's Jesus.

I love His promises.

"Because she has set her love upon me, therefore:
  • I will deliver her.
  • I will set her on high because she has known my name.
  • She shall call upon me and I will answer her.
  • I will be with her in trouble.
  • I will deliver her and honour her.
  • With long life (eternal life), I will satisfy her and show her my salvation." (from Psalm 91).
How can I not trust Him,  love Him, serve Him forever?

We had a great time at camp this weekend. The theme was end times. Learned survival skills ++...was a blast! But ultimately, nothing I do, nothing I learn now, or practice will be strong enough to hold me through those times ahead. Only His grace.

His grace is sufficient for me...because He has promised, "I will be with her in trouble".

If His grace is able to hold me through then, it is certainly strong enough for today, and I claim it as I dive into the halfway mark of the quarter.

He loves me. He loves you. He's shown it again and again. Ever doubt? Read HIS promises.

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