Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brain Transplant?!

Amazing Sabbath...eventful day!

Many Blessings.

One conversation that tickled me: 

Me: "Is your dad on an emergency flight?"

Twelve year old friend: "Yea, he flies hearts, livers, and brains, stuff like that for transplants."

Me: "Probably not brains."

Friend: "Hmm, well maybe not brains so much."

Me: " I don't really think they do brain transplants." (I'm trying to think this through logically:)

Friend: "Oh they do!"

Me: "Maybe it's more like brain surgery."

Friend: " No they do brain transplants."

Me: "Well, let's think of it this way. If something happened to me but my brain was saveable and you needed a new brain, so they put my brain in you. Would you really be you?"

We both concluded that brain transplants would be a slightly difficult task...highly uncommon indeed!

What a strange and complicated world we live in.

It did remind me of how great a miracle God's "brain transplant" on me really is. The changing of my sinful character to become like His and His righteousness imputed to me...It is a miracle of grace.

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