Saturday, February 2, 2013

Today We Celebrate...

A Life...
that has filled our hearts with so much love and laughter.

Again. and. Again.

Today we also remember one year ago when we were sitting around the supper table and Dad called on his way home from work and Mom said, "Life is going to change." 

We had no idea what "change" really meant, but one year later,  we'd  never turn back, never turn back...

From a baby boy, no two baby boys who we love as our own.

From a beautiful family reunited.

From tears of joy and sorrow shared together.

From friendship built forever.

From the opportunity to be apart of God's beautiful work of restoration. 

From when God, again, redefined "family" for us.

Family = the gift of people that God places in your closest circle of life. 

This month, we also celebrate two more birthdays of certain kiddos, and it was this month, three years ago, when God placed them in our hearts. 

 I'm privileged to be "big sister". 
Being apart of this family is a gift, such a gift, to me.