Sunday, October 13, 2013

This is a Comment...

...that wouldn't fit in a comment box.

Because saying a sister is a gift is too generic.

She's one of heaven's BEST gifts.

Bri, I'm ever so thankful for every mountain climbed with you, for every moment that you would linger in the bathroom to listen and give your ever-so-matter-of-fact advice, for all the prayers we've prayed together, for the grand times sledding (even if it was at 2AM), the quiet moments under stars together whether walking to the house from the barn, or sitting on the beach, or speed walking from the bus stop to school before sunrise (when we learned that we couldn't just forgo the season sticker on our bus passes), for all the peaches and apricots we stuffed ourselves with, for the dishes we've deliberated over, for the bunnies and chickens we've shared, for the sermon prep sessions, the wandering airport boutiques to find honey sticks, and planting seeds ...memories are forever.
And memories ARE gifts.

Thank you.

But you've given me more than memories.

You've taught me so much about happiness, about joy in everyday, about contentment, about trusting when you can't see, about surrendering when it doesn't make sense, about living a life of constant giving, about loving no matter what.

Thank you.

I can hardly wait till you get home.  :)

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