Monday, December 19, 2011

We Call It Christmas

From my journal:

I'm kneeling by my bed. I need refreshing. I need to see Jesus in a special way again tonight. I ask, and I'm drawn back through that old story to the beginning.

The day had arrived. He must go. The songs of angels hush as He steps down from His throne. The Father meets Him. They embrace. 

They've never been apart. Even the thought of separation is painful. With a love that can almost never let go they cling, yet the Father is about to do the impossible. He's about to let His Son, His only Son go. And for what?...For me? I shudder.

In that long embrace, both Father and Son can see down the corridors of time. They see the lowly stable, the ungrateful crowds, the sneering, the mocking. He would receive little welcome from those for whom he had left everything. The trials He must bear are seen- the pain, the rejection. And as if this wasn't enough, there was the lingering thought...They knew well the hatred that Lucifer held against Christ. They knew that he would throw all his furious darts at the Savior. He would do all he could do make Him fall. Would it be to much? The risk of eternal failure and loss was ever present. The thought was horrifying. Nothing could be worth the risk..... or could it?

Were there tears, cries of anguish, sobs of grief in the heavenly mansions? I cannot tell, but my eyes are filled with tears. I choke a sob. 

Through it all, They see the cross. They know He would have the most fearful death. Why? Those who he'd come to rescue would be the ones jeering, mocking, crucifying Him. Right now, the Father doesn't have to let Him go. The Son doesn't have to leave all for the dark and sinful world. They still can say "no".   The price could be, no, it was to great... Except for unimaginable love.

This was the only way to bring their children home, and if one would accept Him, it would be worth it. Still, this good-bye was the hardest the universe had ever witnessed.

Jesus finally breaks away from His Father's arms. He smiles. He's thinking of His children that He will be bringing home. His voice rings throughout heaven, "Lo I come. Sacrifices and offerings Thou wouldest not, but a body thou hast prepared me. Lo I come to do Thy will O my God."

Angels wonder. They can't understand it, yet their hearts are filled with a deeper love and joy for Master who would lay aside all for His children. They await the command to share this joy with the world. They watch...but something is wrong. The people don't recognize Him. They aren't welcoming Him with the love and honor they long to pour out to Jesus. Human hearts are slow. Human eyes are weak. 

But a few hear the heavenly singing. A few see the glory. A few recognize the king.

Where would I be? I shudder again. I cannot tell.

All I know now is that I've had a glimpse of Him. I whisper my thanks.

The words are no longer lifeless, old, repeated words. They are true, alive, yet still not comprehensible to me:  "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. "


  1. Glesni, I just finished reading your journal entry. Wow! you spoke my thoughts...and at the same time! My words again are the same: Blessed, so blessed.